She wanted to empower people in ways that would help them to stay healthy.

Amber grew up in a rural area in southeast Idaho. She attended college at Idaho State University where she completed the practical nursing program. Her nursing career fits well with her kind and caring character, as well as her love for helping people. Several moves and

several children later, Amber had the opportunity to become certified as a foot zone therapist when a move took her family to Logan, Utah. Here her nursing background and a new world of holistic living came together in a perfect blend.

She realized that she didn’t just want to help people feel better after they became sick, but she wanted to empower people in ways that would help them to stay healthy. Amber is the creator of and practitioner at Heart and Sole Foot Zone Therapy where she shares her passion for helping people live a more balanced and vibrant life through foot zoning and teaching classes on various health topics.

Opportunities to be a teacher have always been a part of Amber’s life. She has said that there is nothing like being able to see someone begin to understand and comprehend something new and being able to be part of that journey with them. Amber has a love for music and both sings beautifully and plays the piano well. She was a piano instructor and vocal coach for over seven years and shared the world of music with many children and youth during that time. She has also had various opportunities to be a preschool teacher to her children, neighbors and friends at various times through the years.

Throughout her life Amber has had her own health issues. At the age of 22 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Because of these health challenges she knows first hand what it is like to live a life shadowed by a chronic illness. She has come to learn the value of true health and is passionate about sharing what she has learned with others. She loves to see the light turn on in the eyes of those she teaches so they can have the health and energy to reach their own potential. By those who know her best, Amber is described as being a positive person, which has served her well throughout her life.

Amber and her amazing husband Wayne, were high school sweethearts and were married in 2000. They currently live in South Dakota with their 5 young children who definitely know how to keep life interesting. Her husband and children are her reasons for taking charge of her health and living a vibrant life. In her spare time she loves reading, crocheting, doing digital scrapbooking, music (both singing and playing the piano) and traveling.

Amber believes that although there are many things in this life that happen to us that are beyond our control, we do have the option of controlling our attitude and our decision to live vibrantly no matter what may come. She gives thanks to her Heavenly Father for the knowledge she has received through the experiences and trials in her life that have led to this message of hope and empowerment. She continues to share this message with all who are ready to step up and make that change in their own life.