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Kyani Nutritional Supplements

Kyäni’s products combine the best of nature’s ingredients with the latest in modern technology to ensure a healthy you inside and out. Kyäni developed its nutritional products to support the human body with the nutrients it may not receive from a modern diet. Together Kyäni’s unique products help you feel and look your best.

Magnesium Products

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Living The Good Life Naturally

Why is magnesium so important? It is the first step for everything healthy in your body. The FDA does not require companies to include water added to increase profit margins. Our magnesium will never be watered down. We also source from the cleanest source and test each batch for heavy metals. Plus most magnesium is now being manufactured in a lab synthetically leaving out important co-factors to assist in moving your red blood cell numbers.


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Ultimate Rebounder

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Standard Rebounder

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Rebound Air

Studies described and documented in the book The Ultimate Rebound Exercise for the New Millennium, shows regular rebounding can reduce your body fat, firm your arms, benefit the shape of your legs, hips and abdomen, improve your balance, stimulate your lymphatic system, protect your joints, and strengthen your muscles and bones without the trauma of hitting a hard surface.