Course Details

Course Details

All the details you really want to know before starting your foot zone education

I am excited that you want to explore the possibility of studying Foot Zoning!  This page can answer some of the most common questions about the courses that are offered. If you don’t find your answers here please contact me via phone at 605-622-0182 or by e-mail at!

You may be wondering if this is really something you would like to do.  If you are unsure please contact me – I would love to schedule some one-on-one time with you to answer your questions, let you explore the books and curriculum, and give you a foot zone treatment so you can experience what it is all about.

This section will answer your questions about the Foot Zone Certification Course

#1- When and where does the course take place?

The foot zone certification program, which is offered once a year starting in March, will take place over a period of  7 months. The course has portions that will be held both online and in person. The in-person and clinical training will take place in Aberdeen, SD at Heart & Sole Foot Zone Therapy’s location (415 S. Main St. Suite 303 on the 3rd floor above the Capitol Theater).

#2 – How does the course work?

Most of the anatomy & physiology lessons will be able to be completed online. Two classes, through zoom video conferencing, will be taught monthly to cover the anatomy & physiology portions and answer questions. There will be 12 of these sessions total. After the initial jumpstart class these classes will be taught twice a month at a time that is most beneficial for class members and will last for an hour. These classes will be recorded so if you are unable to view the class at that time the recording will be available for you to watch later. Doing the classes this way decreases the need to travel to Aberdeen as often. To begin there will be an initial 2 or 3 day jumpstart class (usually about 12 hours of class time). At that class you will learn the complete foot zone, receive all course books and access to online materials. Clinical days will also be held monthly in Aberdeen.  This time frame and anatomy & physiology classes may be adjusted differently if it is an accelerated class.

#3 – How long does the course take?

Your certification (with over 300 credit hours of personal instruction and home study, including 50 foot zone practicums and board certification exams) can be completed in 7 months or sooner if you choose to complete the online portion at a faster pace!  This time frame may also be shortened if it is an accelerated foot zone certification that is being offered.

#4 – What is the cost of the course?

Course Cost: $3600

Books & Materials: $350 (+ 22.75 SD tax) = $372.75 Total

Total Cost of Course: $3972.75

#5 – How does payment work?

After applying and being accepted a non-refundable registration fee of $372.75 is required to hold your spot in the class. After that, the remainder of the fees totaling $3600 is due in full by the first day of class.

#6 – Why study with Wellness Life Zone Foot Academy – South Dakota Campus?

As part of the Wellness Life Zone Family you not only get the knowledge of me as the South Dakota Instructor, but the knowledge and support of the whole team of instructors and practitioners associated with Wellness Life Zone Academy! Your education also includes

~ Beautifully illustrated and colorful foot zone charts

~ Color coordinated, easy to follow directions of the Foot Zone Technique

~ Anatomy maps that coordinate with the signal map of the feet

~ Online animation steps to follow in class as well as at home

~ Clear understanding of anatomy and the workings of physiology made simple and fun with presentations, games and study techniques, as well as access to online anatomy and physiology videos

~ Colorful anatomy and physiology books written specifically for our Foot Zone Academy students

~ Beautiful gem tools for stimulation of the foot zone signals, along with the basic understanding of gem therapy and how gems support the Foot Zone Technique

~ Basic understanding of essential oils and herbs to obtain balanced health

~ Education of key energy laws and principles and how to easily apply them

~ An applied Energy Zone Technique

~ Business policies, ethics and procedures, along with the Wellness Life Zone marketing plan for Foot Zone Technique practitioners and instructors

And it doesn’t end with your graduation, because that is what family is all about!

~ 6 months FREE online continuing education classes, which helps you as a practitioner to continue to develop your healing techniques using the 4 bodies of health

~ Lifetime ability to audit the Foot Zone Technique certification classes

~ Discounts on online continuing education classes

~ 10% discount on selected Gemi Tool products

~ You will be included in the WLZ Foot Zone Practitioner Directory

~ Opportunity to create and increase your business by becoming an instructor for Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy