5 Key Ingredients to Hormone Balancing

Have you ever wondered if your hormones were where they needed to be?  Well there are some key ingredients that need to be in place to balance your hormones.  I will share with you what these are!

  • Play!!
  • Sunshine!
  • Magnesium!
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Gelatin

#1 – PLAY: There are several things that can help us to balance our hormones, but one of the most forgotten ones is play!  We live in an extremely busy, go-go-go world with an endless to-do list.  Sometimes I think it is easy to say that we have forgotten to take time to play.  It doesn’t have to take a long time or be complicated, maybe take just enough time to dance to your favorite song!  Watch this video to see something I did this last week to add a little play time to my life!


#2 – SUNSHINE:  I think we all can use a little more of this.  It is something that our pineal gland (the light meter in our bodies) NEEDS!  I know what you’re thinking – sometimes it’s hard to get sunshine in the winter, but take advantage of being outside for a few minutes when it does come out!  Also staying up on your magnesium during the summer actually helps you hold and store vitamin D to help get you through the winter months!  So remember to SOAK it all up in the summer!

#3 – MAGNESIUM:  For anyone who knows me I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about magnesium (I even talked about it already in #2!)  I teach a class once a month about it, so if you want all the details about magnesium that is where you can get them.  But the overall message is we all need more magnesium.  It is an essential mineral that helps create the foundation of health!  And it controls DHEA (the master control of our hormones) so is crucial in creating balanced hormones!!

#4 – COD LIVER OIL:  The omega 3’s found here are crucial in creating a fatty acid bridge for our bodies that helps with hormone balance.  FYI – make sure you get it from a trusted source because if it has too many heavy metals in it, it will actually tear down the fatty acid bridge faster than you can build it up!

#5 – GELATIN:  This was a new one for me and something I’m looking more into.  It is a superfood across the board and helps our adrenals be more supported which in turn helps balance our hormones.  It’s not something I have in place for me at this time, but I’m going to be doing some more studying on this one and will pass it along as I do!


The key is not to get overwhelmed.  Choose one of these 5 things and start working on it.  The ultimate goal is to create lasting action, not something you will do for 2 weeks and then quit!  So start slow and when you get one thing in place then come back and choose another one!  Happy Hormone Balancing!!