Energy Release Techniques


05 January 2017

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Energy Release Techniques

Everything is made of energy that is vibrating at different frequencies. We are all living beings on this earth, so we are also made of energy. We have good and bad energy that affects our bodies and can either help us or inhibit us from having the quality of life we would like to live. This chapter is going to be dedicated to some of the ways we can process this energy. You may already know what

works well for you. Have you ever got angry or frustrated? What do you do at these times? Do you exercise? Do you go somewhere quiet and meditate or think for a few minutes? Do you …(fill in the blanks)? These are all release techniques. Some are simple and some are more complex. There is no way I can cover all the ways to do this, but this list will give you new ideas and other options to help you on your journey to live vibrantly!

1. Exercise

There are many things that fit into this category. Here are some to get your brain thinking: Long walks, running, rebounding, dancing, yoga, zumba, belly dancing, biking, swimming, basketball, golf, football, volleyball, racket ball, tennis and the list for this one goes on and on.

2. Being in Nature

This helps me reconnect with my Divine Maker. To me there isn’t a better source for renewing and receiving good energy. How long has it been since you have done any of the following: played in the rain, watched a sunrise or sunset, spent time in a garden, stood barefoot in the grass, and simply having some quiet time out in nature.

3. Playing

Go back to your childhood days and play and have fun. Here are a few ideas: have a water fight, play tag, go to a park and swing, or how about simply playing with the kids in your life (whether it’s your own, grandkids, nieces/nephews, neighbors, etc.).

4. Music

Make your own music. You can sing, play an instrument, or bang on some drums (whether you really play and have your own set or just want to bang on some pots and pans it’s a great release!) You can also listen to music. What is the music that touches your soul and helps you feel better? It may be some quiet calm music, maybe something inspirational, something that holds special meaning, or some loud rock and roll (crank up the volume!!), and sing out loud with your favorites (even if you don’t think you can sing!).

5. Meditation

Focused deep breathing, guided meditations, some simple quiet time, praying, release and receive meditation (focus on whatever the negative is going out when you exhale and imagine the opposite positive coming in when you inhale i.e. fear/faith, hate/love, sadness/joy etc.), tapping (I use the four thumps – start tapping in the middle of your chest with one hand, then move out about 2 inches and tap with both hands, next go straight down and tap on the bottom rib and then cross your hands and tap the bone right under your eyes.).

6. Relaxation

These can be things like getting a massage, taking a bath, soaking your feet, taking a long shower (it’s good to imagine all the bad washing off and going down the drain), getting a foot zone, sleeping or taking a nap.

7. Work

This can actually be a great release. Try doing some cleaning and organizing, make bread by hand (kneading the dough is a great release!), yard work, building something, refinish furniture, dig a hole, chop wood and many others.

8. Words

Sometimes the power of words and our voice are underestimated. Here a few things to do: writing or journaling, scream (not at anyone, just plain old screaming outloud), write and burn (write down all the negative thoughts that are in you mind and when you’re finished burn the paper), 60 seconds of gratefulness (set a timer for a minute and start saying things you are grateful for out loud without stopping until the timer goes off), reading (especially scriptural passages for me).

9. Gifts and Talents

What are the gifts and talents that you have been blessed with? Often these can also be a release. A lot of the things we have listed could also go in this category but here are a few others: drawing, reading, photography, painting.

10. Physical

Laughing (tell jokes, make silly faces get some good releasing belly laughing going on), popping bubble wrap (I’ve always loved this!), break a plate (find some cheap plates and break them – downside you have to clean it up after but cleaning is a release too!).

11. Miscellaneous

Crying, animals (holding, petting and caring for them), giving service, spending time with family.

As I was listing these things I’m sure other things came to your mind about what you do. Write them down somewhere because those are the ways that you release energy. It is constantly running through us, but like most things it needs a tune up and needs refreshed and renewed, so take time to do those things before you get to your breaking point.

One time we were visiting at my parent’s house. We were standing around the kitchen and my mom asked what I was tapping for. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, I just instinctively had started tapping the middle of my chest. Nothing major was going on. We had traveled for fifteen hours to get there and the kids were running all around and full of excitement, but I didn’t think I was stressed out or anything. My body knew I needed it though and it kept me from overreacting in that situation. So tune in to your body. Learn to listen to the signals it is giving you and respond appropriately. It can be the simplest thing, just like my tapping was, but it can make all the difference for you.

Release, renew and refresh the energy that is flowing through you. It will make a big difference in your ability to accomplish what you need to, the way you react to situations that arise and how vibrantly you live!